Concept Art


We at Hashbyte understand the importance of delivering creative and innovative art assets that satisfy the client’s needs. Our Concept art team produces the best artwork that is tailored to the client’s expectation with specific design requirements and technical needs.


Our experienced professionals offer extraordinary design service and production services that contribute to some of the renowned projects in the digital platform. We deliver tailored services using the latest software and tools. We have delivered handcrafted art for various PC, console, and mobile games. With technological advancements, we are increasing the revolutions of game assets.


Character Design

The character concept art is based on the creation of compelling characters for a project. The characters are designed based on personality traits, background, and specific design features depending on the storyline.

Creature Design

A wide creative skill is required to create an unimaginable creature in a realistic way so as to capture the audience’s imagination. We have designed convincing creatures that are beyond human imagination.

Props & Assets Concept

One of the vital roles in artistic development is the ability to design any object from any angle and our designers are well-versed in designing the props and assets from different angles and render them in detail.

Environment Concept Design

A well crafted digital environment design is needed for the characters and creatures to roam. The artists have to design the environment by envisioning worlds that don’t exist and make them real.

Our Concept art design Process


Idea Building

We can render the best artwork with an incredible idea that supports the storyline. Our artist initially conceptualizes the requirements of the storyline by gathering references and inspiration.


Sketching Of Concept

Our concept artist gives a bundle of sketches based on the idea. This pictorial representation gives the basic idea of the concept, and any further corrections and suggestions can be made in this stage.


Light & Mood

The artist uses different lightings and moods to convey the emotion and atmosphere of the painting. The light and dark colors are used to create a sense of depth and mood to the artwork


Final Composition

The final piece of the artwork has to be more detailed, so the artist refines the artwork with all the needed details that give essence to the artwork.

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